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Beginner Scentwork Thursday 1st August 2024 7.30pm

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Further details will be emailed to you upon booking, it is vital you read this email.

Class Dates

All classes are held on the same day and time each week.

This is a four-week course running on the following dates 1st Aug, NO CLASS 8th AUG, 15th Aug, 22nd Aug, 29th Aug


All classes are held at our heated indoor and outdoor school at Apps Court Farm.

Surrey Dog School, Apps Court Farm, Hurst Road, Walton-On-Thames, KT12 2EG

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Scentwork?

Scentwork is a low physical energy, high brain activity which any dog can do to tire them out mentally and keep them suitably chilled!

What will MY Dog Learn?

The class is an introduction to scentwork as an activity, how teach our dog to search, structured searches, alerts, indications, introducing a scent (cloves)

What is included in the price?

The class price will include the Scent Kit for Cloves and various items needed for exercises in class which you are able to take home with you.

Progression and trials

We will provide information on Scentwork UK trials and help you reach a level where you are able to compete.

To teach these exercises takes time, and dedication. You will not be able to achieve all of the above by attending four classes, but we will give you as much help and support to guide you through your scentwork journey.

This class is taught by Scentwork UK accredited Trainers.

Classes run by fully qualified and accredited trainers.
Dog Training in Surrey, Surrey Dog School
Dog Training in Surrey, Surrey Dog School
Dog Training in Surrey, Surrey Dog School
dog training walks
Dog Training in Surrey, Surrey Dog School

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Looking for a 1 to 1 consultation? Request a call back via our form. Held at either our Walton-On-Thames School or your home, our consultations are tailored to suit the exact need of you and your dog. Typical problems that can be resolved are pulling on the lead, jumping up or recall to name a few.

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