Challenging Behaviours in Dogs Thursday 3rd February 2022 4.45pm at Walton

Venue: Apps Court Farm, Hurst Road, Walton-On-Thames, KT12 2EG. Indoor & Outdoor Facilities This is a one-off one-hour session for 'challenging behaviours in dogs'. Full details will be emailed to you after booking.      
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The course content

Venue: Run by two fully qualified and accredited trainers. Indoor (heated) and outdoor facilities.
Date & Time: Thursday 3rd February 2022 at 4.45pm.
Address: Surrey Dog School, Apps Court Farm, Hurst Road, Walton-On-Thames, KT12 2EG

This is a one-off, one-hour session suitable for dogs over the age of ten-months of age.

Challenging behaviours in dogs.

Lots of behaviours are commonly mentioned as a ‘problem’ by owners, such as recalling from distractions, greetings with other dogs, jumping up, loose lead walking and general training around high stimulating environments. This session will provide exercises to raise your dog’s focus which will help with behaviours such as jumping-up, loose lead walking, recall, polite greetings and how to cope in busy environments.

These sessions will  have a maximum of four dogs and two fully qualified trainers so will therefore be managed to a very high standard. Due to the set-up of the classes, they are perfect for those dogs that struggle in general class settings as we are able to manage more individual challenges.

Please note that these sessions will include training exercises as well as breaks to give dogs a rest and allow them to learn to be calm in the presence of distractions.

We are unable to give personalised advice in these sessions. If you require 1-1 help, please contact us on 01932 482858 for more information.

Booking Information:

We can allow a maximum of 3 handlers per dog. Full details will be emailed to you upon booking, please ensure you read this carefully and contact us if you have any questions. Each class is one hour long. In accordance with Government Guidelines we request that you wear a mask.