Specialist Training Classes

Our Specialist Classes are suitable for all ages and breeds.

Classes varying from Calmness & Engagement, Canine Massage, Tricks, Cooperative Care and more. Classes will take place in our newly refurbished training room or outside training areas.

Why Surrey Dog School

Accredited trainers

Our trainers are qualified with the industry's leading organisation, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

Indoor Facilities

In addition to our outdoor training area, we have a large, fully heated, refurbished training hall complete with dog-safe flooring.

Smaller Classes

Our class numbers are restricted to 8 dogs, so that our trainers spend more time with you.

Positive Training

We train using positive reinforcement methods and do not condone choke chains or any other aversive methods.

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Age Guide - Suitable for all ages

Specialist Training Classes

Vacination Requirements
You can attend with your puppy once their second course of vaccinations has been completed and are able to mix safely with the other puppies.
Location and Venue
Surrey Dog School
Apps Court Farm (Gate One)
Hurst Road
KT12 2EG

Drive through Gate One for 50 yards and the school is the first large building on your right with toll free parking in front.
People Who Can Attend
We can allow a maximum of 4 handlers per puppy.
Children are welcome, but we must ask they remain seated unless asked to perform training so as to avoid any distractions for your puppy.
What to Expect On Arrival
  • There is a toll-free car park outside the School for you to use with a good sized grassed area for your puppy to spend a penny!
  • We ask all owners to wait outside the school by their cars.
  • We will open up the school door and call you in one-by-one (so as to avoid any stress to your puppy or so we can assist if they are feeling a bit shy).

SAFETY: Please do not attempt to enter the school unless called in on arrival or if late please ring the bell on the door and wait to be brought in. This is due to there being loose dogs or reactive dogs being brought out. Always wait away from the main entrance.