Dog Training Walks

Our dog training walks focus on improving specific behaviours outside, including reactivity, social skills, confidence, recall and lead walking issues.

Our training walks are either 30 or 45 minutes depending on your dog’s age and the issues we are addressing. We may walk your dog from your home or take them out locally. These can take place with or without you present and as often as required.

What we can help you with

The most common issues we deal with


Does your dog run off without you or not recall from play or smells? We can help proof your recall training around distractions.


We can help build your dog's confidence outside and identify triggers of anxiety to tackle using positive reinforcement protocols.


A specialist area for us, we have a number of regular dogs progressing through reactivity training.


Pulling on lead can be a big source of stress, we can help motivate your dog to walk nicely on lead around distractions.


Our training walkers are a great source of enrichment for your dog. Your dogs form a bond with our trainers so they look forward to the training and helps improve their general wellbeing.

Our Prices

30 minutes £45 incl VAT

£5 off per walk when booking 6 or more walks per month

45 minutes £65 incl VAT

£5 off per walk when booking 6 or more walks per month


How often should I use your service?

The number of training walks depends on your dogs need, how quickly they take to the training and your availability to maintain the training. We regularly walk client’s dogs from once a day to once a week. Please note, there is currently a 4-week waiting list for this service.
Dog Training in Surrey, Surrey Dog School
dog training walks
Dog Training in Surrey, Surrey Dog School

Contact Us

Ready to start your training journey ?

Looking for a 1 to 1 consultation? Request a call back via our form. Held at either our Walton-On-Thames School or your home, our consultations are tailored to suit the exact need of you and your dog. Typical problems that can be resolved are pulling on the lead, jumping up or recall to name a few.

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