Smell is a dog’s primary sense and 15 minutes of sniffing is the equivalent of an hour of physical exercise!

Scentwork training is an exciting and fast-growing dog sport that more and more dog owners are turning to for its accessibility as well as its therapeutic benefits. Suitable for all breeds of dogs, we offer regular classes and one-off workshops for novice and experienced dogs.

Why Surrey Dog School

Dog Training in Surrey, Surrey Dog School

Our trainers are Scentwork UK accredited and complete ongoing training through out the year.

Scentwork UK trainers

Our trainers are accredited with Scentwork UK, as category A scentwork trainers. Scentwork UK is a leading organisation with regular national trials.

Training facilities

We train in both our indoor heated school and outdoor areas, utilising containers, pallets and other dedicated training equipment.

Progressive classes

From novice fun to competitive levels, we can ready you for Scentwork UK trials or trials through another organisation.

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Private Sessions

Scentwork training progression can vary significantly between dogs so individual attention from a dedicated trainer can be the fastest way to progress. These sessions are available for all levels including beginners, plus give you access to a trainer ‘chat’ between sessions for any questions.
We will teach you all areas of scentwork, including passive indications, structured searching and odour recognition. Dependent on ability, we can also organise off-site searches and progress to more challenging hides. Stamina must be built up which is why scentwork sessions tend to be a little shorter than usual training sessions.

Upcoming Scentwork Classes and Workshops

Our 4-week Beginners Course is the perfect introduction to the three areas of scentwork: structured searches, indication and odour recognition.
We also offer Intermediate classes, please enquire for more details.

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Looking for a 1 to 1 consultation? Request a call back via our form. Held at either our Walton-On-Thames School or your home, our consultations are tailored to suit the exact need of you and your dog. Typical problems that can be resolved are pulling on the lead, jumping up or recall to name a few.

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