Meet Our Team

All our trainers are qualified and accredited with specialist fields.

Did you know that our industry is unregulated and you can call yourself a dog trainer with no professional qualifications? With so many quick online courses available, we only accept trainers who have completed the in-depth APDT qualification and successfully completed all their practical assessments.

Continued Development

Our most common questions

Refresher Courses

We regularly attend or complete APDT courses so we are up to date with the latest scientifically backed training methods.


In addition to APDT, our trainers study with other reputable accreditation's and courses, such as the IMDT. All our trainers are qualified in dog first aid.

Speciality Subjects

Our trainers complete special courses in subjects like Scentwork UK in order to teach scentwork and attend progressive workshops.

Class Assistants

Our class assistants are aspiring trainers about to or currently studying. We also provide work experience through local colleges.

Snoopy & Daisy


Managing Director and head of behaviour

Head trainer Sarah has over 20 years of experience working with behavioural issues, previously being the Lead Trainer at a well known veterinary referral Training & Behaviour practice in Surrey and the Area Officer for Beagle Welfare.
Dog Training in Surrey, Surrey Dog School




Louisa started her career as an assistant whilst completing her degree at the university of Winchester in animal welfare and society. After completing her degree she went onto complete and pass her APDT and has continued her development whilst training at the school.
Dog Training in Surrey, Surrey Dog School




After making a career change, Emma had completed a number of courses with the IMDT covering several aspects of training prior to joining the school full time in 2022. She is currently studying for her APDT.

Dog Training in Surrey, Surrey Dog School



Assistant Trainer

Becca is a professional dog walker and aspiring dog trainer. She assists with all our trainers during classes and 1 to 1 training sessions.

Duchess & Pippa


Office Manager

Noelle has worked in the dog training industry for almost 10 years. Noelle (along with Louisa) was one of the schools founding members of staff and has been with the company since 2020.
Dog Training in Surrey, Surrey Dog School


The cat!


Veterinary Physiotherapy

Lucy completed her four year Masters degree at Writtle University College in 2020. She has since successfully grown her client list and joined the Surrey Dog School team in 2023 as our Veterinary Physiotherapist.


Daycare assistant

Growing up on a farm, Esme has been around dogs her entire life. Esme started her career with Surrey Dog School as a class training assistant before joining the daycare after completing her dog first aid course.


Daycar assistant

A passionate dog owner, Hali has completed work experience and volunteered in local veterinary surgery’s before joining the daycare after completing her dog first aid course.


Passed in 2023 and never forgotten


Admin and website

A founding member of the school, David develops and manages our website as well as assisting in the office with enquiries.

Redd, Rowen & Shiraz


Assistant Trainer

Sean is a professional trainer and dog walker based in Godalming. Sean joined the school in 2021 and teaches exclusively on our Saturday classes with puppies of all ages and 1 to 1 training sessions.

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