New Puppy Arrival

It’s natural to have questions when preparing your home and family for your new little addition.

We offer pre-puppy and post-arrival home visits with a qualified trainer who can answer all of your questions and advise on topics such as the first night, settling in, sleeping arrangements, house set-up, introductions to family members and other pets, diet, exercise, and much more!

What we can help you with

Our most common questions

House Training

How often should I take my dog out? Should I use puppy pads?


Should I let my puppy greet every dog that they meet?

Play Biting

My puppy is biting me and chewing furniture, how do I stop this?

Crate Training

How do I crate train my puppy and what do I do if they cry?

Other services

Online consultations

Our online consultations are perfect for puppy parents who are out of the area or trying to fit in sessions around busy schedules.

Harness Fittings

A well-fitting Y-front harness with a front attachment can manage your puppy’s pulling and also protect the sensitive neck area. We offer harness fittings free of charge.

Breed Advice

Trying to choose the right breed to suit your family? In advance of getting your puppy, we can help advise you on finding the perfect pup to fit your lifestyle.

Our Approach

WE ARE The highest accredited school and trainers in Surrey

Dog Training in Surrey, Surrey Dog School
dog training walks
Dog Training in Surrey, Surrey Dog School
Dog Training in Surrey, Surrey Dog School
Dog Training in Surrey, Surrey Dog School

Contact Us

Ready to start your training journey ?

Looking for a 1 to 1 consultation? Request a call back via our form. Held at either our Walton-On-Thames School or your home, our consultations are tailored to suit the exact need of you and your dog. Typical problems that can be resolved are pulling on the lead, jumping up or recall to name a few.

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