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We are more than just a doggy daycare service. Small group daycare, overseen by professional trainers with daily training included.

Our goal is to progress your dog or puppy’s training skills, provide sensible socialisation, a safe environment with careful supervision, ample enrichment, and fun! Overseen by experienced and accredited trainers at our modern heated indoor training facility and on our private field.

Why use Surrey Dog School

Some of our unique selling points

Vetted applications

Dogs and puppies will be carefully vetted to ensure that the daycare environment is best suited for their social development.

Limited Numbers

We do not accept the maximum number of dogs that our licence allows. Smaller numbers allow us to provide superior levels of supervision and give each dog the attention and care they deserve.

Dog First Aid

Our full team of staff have completed the Ofqual Level 3 Qualification in Canine First Aid.

Run By accredited trainers

Our trainers are highly accredited with the industry's leading body, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and have completed relevant courses such as Ofqual Level 3 in Daycare.

dog training

With 30 minutes of individual training per full day, we can help work on a specific training issue such as loose lead walking, recall, polite greetings, scentwork and much more!


Walks take place on our private fields, in small groups, with maximum of 4 dogs walked at once of suitable sizes and ages.

Our indoor facilites were refurbished in 2023 to the highest standards required for our daycare licence.

Daycare Licence No: LN/202300336

dog training walks
Dog Training in Surrey, Surrey Dog School
Dog Training in Surrey, Surrey Dog School
Dog Training in Surrey, Surrey Dog School

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a pick-up and drop off service?
No, not at this time.
Which days and times do your run your daycare service?
  • Daycare runs on Tuesday afternoons from 1.30pm until 5pm.
  • Daycare runs on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9.30am until 5pm.
  • Puppy Socials (up to 6 months) run on Friday mornings from 9.30am until 1pm.
How much is it?
Half Day (9.30am – 1pm or 1.30pm – 5pm): £35
Full Day (9.30am – 5pm): £65
What is included?

– A personalised training plan for your dog or puppy

– 30-minutes of individual training per full day booked

– Ongoing group training and socialisation

– Mental stimulation including scentwork games and enrichment activities

– Plenty of indoor off-lead fun and play

– Small group walks on our private field

– Ample rest and dedicated group “settle” time

What kind of training can be done with my dog during their individual training slot?
Our aim is to improve upon your puppy or dog’s skills. This could be teaching them new behaviours such as a “settle”, “middle” or “down”. Or improving upon their loose lead walking, recall and on-lead greetings with others.
Can my puppy attend daycare?
Yes, we take puppies from 12 weeks, once their second set of vaccinations is complete. “Puppy Socials” on Friday mornings are dedicated to puppies under 6 months of age and focus on learning social skills, appropriate play and settling around other puppies. As well as training, fun and enrichment, adequate rest breaks will be included as part of their day. Any meals provided will be suitably stored and given according to your instructions. Puppies can also join general daycare sessions with older dogs throughout the week and will be grouped by temperament.
What is the vetting process?
Not all dogs are suited to the daycare environment and there will be a careful vetting process to ensure that daycare is the best place for your dog’s social development.
Many people think that socialising their dog in a daycare environment will solve training problems around other dogs, when this is not the case. If your dog is reactive, nervous or has any issues around other dogs, we will require training to take place first before considering admittance to daycare.
Do I need to commit to regular sessions, or can I book ad hoc?
As we are a small group daycare, we do require a commitment to keep your dog’s regular slot. This ensures that the dogs in each group are familiar and settled around each other. Should you no longer want to attend daycare, there is a 30-day notice period.
Do dogs need to be neutered or spayed to attend daycare?
No, our daycare service is run by accredited trainers who have a comprehensive understanding of canine body language. Dogs will be closely supervised in small groups. Dogs currently in season may not attend until their season is finished.
My dog requires regular medication, can they attend daycare?
Yes, as long as they are fit and well they can attend daycare. All of our staff have passed their Ofqual Level 3 Canine First Aid qualification and we are able to suitably store and administer medications according to instructions.
Are you licensed?
Yes. We have a 4-star license with higher standards, with Elmbridge Council.

What is 7+4?

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